My designs begin with a photo of a slice of rock.  I especially like working with agates.  Think of the images below as checking in for a peek at the beginning (the original slice of rock), at random points along the way, and then at the end with a finished artistic image. I work with several renditions of a photo shot, recomposing numerous elements into dozens of layers and treatments until I reach the final composited photo image.  All designs are faithfully printed on dye-infused high gloss metal in order to retain the vibrancy of colors.

A few examples of my process

'“BUTTERFLY” (below) was created from a slice of Picasso Marble. The two small lines on the right side of the slice remain visible throughout the design process.

“TREE OF LIFE” (below):  With a shift in attention to different aspects of the rock, and different treatments as the process evolves, we end up with a very different final image from the original rock.


 “FALL” (below) was created from a photo of a back-lit table lamp. The lamp had been made by drilling out a round of rock. Elements of the original rock are still visible in the final image.