Growing up in Colorado as a child, I was surrounded by rocks. They were nothing to me, then; little more than large grey boulders of granite, covered with grey lichen and waiting to be climbed on. Other than coming across an occasional arrowhead, I thought rocks were rather boring. Well into my 70’s, I discovered how wrong I was, and what a wonderful world can be hiding inside the most common looking rock. But rocks are like so much of Life: it requires looking inside to find out what’s really there. I cannot claim to have been an artist since I was five years old. I was 70 before the world of art was opened to me, and it was truly like falling in love all over again. I can’t name all the rocks I use in my art; I can’t be relied upon to recognize an agate on a windy beach. But when I spot a tiny area of a slice of rock that tickles my imagination, I know exactly how it feels to think, “Ah, I can do something with that!”
    My work has been exhibited in Santa Fe, NM. Images shown here are currently in the Pacific Northwest at Verksted Gallery, Poulsbo, WA.